5 Great Business Ideas For Kids

It’s never too early to start a business. Even kids, if they have good ideas and an unstoppable work ethic, can turn their ideas into successful enterprises.

Check out these five great business ideas perfect for kids to learn how to create and run a business even at a young age. The skills they will learn are going to be valuable to them even years down the road.

1. A baking business

Kids who love to bake have a huge advantage when it comes to businesses kids can create. Baking itself is an activity that some kids truly enjoy, and the more they do it, the better they will become at producing baked goods. In addition to being a valuable hobby, baking also produces products – products that can be sold to hungry, pastry loving customers.

Starting a baking business allows kids who love to bake to follow their passion while also bringing joy to other people. In this process kids can also learn proper food preparation safety and sanitation techniques, important if they are serious about making cooking or baking a part of their future careers. Besides, it’s hard to find people who would not willingly pay a few dollars for quality homemade baked goods.

2. Computer setup, tutoring and repair services

Kids who love computers have access to a few great business ideas all within the same interest. Someone passionate about learning how computers work can not only practice their skills on their own time, but use them to help others as well.

For people who do not know how to set up, use or fix any recurring problems with their computer, kids can offer their skills in the form of computer setup, tutoring and/or repair services.

3. Pet sitting services

Another thing that is simple, but a very valuable experience for kids, is pet sitting. With a little help, kids can easily walk, feed and play with house pets, and having a business set up around that idea is perfect for young animal lovers who want to help their friends and neighbors care for their pets while they are away.

Business ideas like this also teach kids responsibility, helping them understand that there are other people and things that need to be taken care of other than themselves. It is also better for the animals, as pets whose owners are leaving town are able to stay in their own homes instead of having to be boarded, as many family dogs are when they cannot accompany their owners on trips.

4. A gift wrapping service

Wrapping gifts is a fairly simple task, and if there is a kid out there who seems to have a special talent for it, especially around the holidays, he or she might be able to turn it into a business. Some people just are not good at wrapping presents, and would gladly pay a small sum of money to have someone else do it for them. Why not?

Immersing children in gift wrapping not only shows them the joy of participating in the gift giving cycle, but also teaches them that something as simple as wrapping a present on behalf of someone else can make a real difference in the lives of other people.

5. Gardening services

Kids who enjoy being outside and interacting with nature might be interested in starting a business that focuses on gardening. There are plenty of different ways you can spin this idea: they can grow and harvest plants on their own and sell them at a farmer’s market, for example, or they can set up a business model in which they take care of other people’s gardens while they are out of town.

There are also many health benefits to gardening. It encourages kids to spend time outside in the fresh air. They will get more natural sunlight and will remain physically active as well. Taking care of plants, especially someone else’s plants, instills a much needed sense of responsibility in both small and older children.

Tips for helping kids start a business

There are a few key things you can do to help kids learn how to start and run their own businesses. They may not be able to do everything alone, but you can help them learn valuable life lessons as you assist them in, for lack of a better term, making their dreams come true.

  • Encourage them to follow their passion. More so than being told they are capable of accomplishing anything they set their minds to, kids need to hear that if they work hard and are strategic, they have the power to create businesses ideas focused around things they are passionate about. A kid wants to hear that she can turn her passion for computers into a business that will allow her to work with computers and also help other people learn to use them, too. Teaching kids to help others, while simultaneously doing what they love, helps them maintain that fresh and raw selflessness some people lose, or never have at all.
  • Teach them about managing their money. Many kids who start to earn their own money will not understand the principles behind balancing savings and spending. Teach them how to create a budget and track their profits in comparison to their monthly expenses. Encourage them to save, and/or put their earnings back into their business to make improvements. You might even consider helping them invest their money (with your assistance and authority, of course). The earlier kids learn to take responsibility of their finances, the smarter financial choices they will make later, not just in business, but in life in general.
  • Help them learn proper communication skills. Kids might not know how to talk to potential customers or authority figures in general – after all, they’re only kids. Help them learn not just manners, but how to respond to questions, follow up with people and create a positive experience for everyone they interact with. This will help them later in life not just in their career, but in forming personal and professional relationships as well.