5 Best Notebooks for Keeping a Daily Journal

Do you know someone who keeps a daily journal? Writing things down in a notebook helps many people organize, sort through and be more aware of their thoughts and feelings. The first step to starting to keep a journal for these purposes is to pick a notebook that serves all your physical writing needs.

Here are some of the best notebooks for keeping a daily journal, their pros and cons and why choosing the right journal for you is one of the best ways you can plan for success in your daily life.

1. Moleskine notebooks


Moleskine notebooks come with a lot of ruled paper in a compact, easy to transport size. These are perfect for frequent journal keepers who want to be able to record their thoughts on the go without much resistance or damage risk. Many Moleskine notebooks come with hard covers, and all include high quality pages, a page marker, inside pockets and an elastic band to keep the book closed and secure if you want to slip it into your bag before you travel. Moleskine notebooks also come in a variety of colors and styles with the same desirable features, so your options are not limited and you can have the kind of journal that works best for you.

2. Habana notebooks


Habana notebooks also come in a variety of colors and sizes, but unlike most Moleskine notebooks, they have a softer cover and different paper. Some prefer this to the hardcover notebook, because the binding is more flexible and of higher quality and the spine won’t crack or break when bent back.

This is a great journal to carry around with you when you are the kind of person who records short but meaningful thoughts in a journal. Most people prefer Habana if they use fountain or gel pens, as the paper used is thicker and ink does not bleed through as easily, so if that is a quality you are looking for in a daily journal, Habana is your best option.

3. Rhodia notebooks


The major draws to Rhodia notebooks are its size and strong, waterproof cover. Rhodia notebooks tend to be smaller, as in small enough to fit into a pocket or the bottom of a purse or bag. Rhodia notebooks are also thinner than most, only having about 24 lined pages, but they make it easy to take your thoughts and notes with you on the go. They are easy to transport and will not bend or fold if you keep them in a pocket or bag.

4. Picadilly notebooks


Picadilly notebooks have everything you will find in a Moleskine notebook, but are much larger, closer to normal page size. This means you can use the inside pocket to store loose papers or other notes you might want to keep with you while you are writing in your journal on a daily basis, especially on the go.

These notebooks, similar to Moleskine, also include a satin ribbon bookmark, a hard, sturdy cover and binding and an elastic band for keeping the notebook closed. These notebooks are more suited for a full sized bag or briefcase, but they contain over 200 college ruled lined pages, so purchasing just one will most likely last you a very long time. This is beneficial for those who want to keep a daily journal but don’t want to keep having to buy a new notebook every few weeks or so.

5. Field Notes


Field Notes notebooks are small, sturdy and great for daily journal keepers who use simple ballpoint pens to jot down their thoughts and ideas. Field Notes notebooks are also small and easy to store and/or carry around, which is a plus for many writers who want to take their thoughts and notes on the go with them throughout the day.

The best part is, if you find you really like Field Notes notebooks, you can purchase them in packs of three, so while they are a bit smaller compared to brands like Moleskine in terms of number of pages, you can still get a lot of use out of them even if it means using multiple for far less than the price of one. This brand of notebooks’ choice of paper is not preferred for fountain or gel pen users, however, so if that’s you, you would most likely be better off with a Habana notebook to journal your thoughts in.

Benefits of keeping a daily journal


Regardless of which type of notebook you use to keep a daily journal, don’t let yourself miss out on the many benefits writing down your thoughts and feelings can have on your personal and professional life.

  • Keep track of your thoughts and ideas without being distracted during the work day, making you more productive and successful.
  • Increasing your emotional intelligence by working through problems with others on your own and teaching yourself to view arguments and other conflicts through a different perspective by writing about them.
  • Reduce your stress levels by writing down what you are worried about.
  • Learn to be a better problem solver by journaling about your problems and working through possible solutions on paper, on your own.
  • Train yourself to be more confident by using a journal as a place to list out your strengths and weaknesses and use written positive affirmations and other exercises to help you get through the day.

Buying a notebook isn’t as simple as you may have thought, but it’s worth the effort. Notebook size, paper thickness, number of pages and special features are all important things to consider when choosing the kind of notebook you will use to keep records of your thoughts and ideas. Once you find a brand of notebook you like, you very well may stick with that brand for the rest of your life.

Choose a notebook that will motivate you to continuously check in with yourself and write down your daily thoughts. Increase your problem solving skills, emotional intelligence, reduce your stress levels, increase your confidence and so much more.