5 Best Meditation Gongs

A meditation gong has a multitude of uses – of course your primary one is that of the sound used as a prelude to your meditation session.

But in addition, and especially if you’re planning on displaying it in your home, you’re going to want a gong that’s aesthetically pleasing as well.

Below are what we consider to be 5 of the best meditation gongs on the market. Each has been chosen for its quality, for its sound and resonance, and there are gongs to suit all price brackets.

1. Woodstock Hanging Gong

Woodstock Hanging Gong

The Woodstock Hanging Gong has to go in as the number one on this list because it combines value for money with pretty outstanding quality. This is also the largest size gong on the list, and comes suspended from its integral black wooden hanger. Of course, the mallet is also included.

All of Woodstock’s gongs are hand hammered by a master gong maker to ensure that it makes a rich, truly authentic sound. Tap this wonder and prepare to be amazed at the length of time the tone continues for.

The gong itself measures 10” in diameter. When you take the hanger into consideration, it measures 17” in length.

The company of Woodstock Chimes was created over 30 years ago, and today is still run by founder Garry Kvistad and his wife, Diane.

2. Zidijian Gong

Zidijian Gong

The 12” table top Zildjian Gong and stand set is the high-end option in this list, but boy, is it stunning. Zidijian gongs are the choice of orchestras around the world, thanks to their wonderful quality and sound they produce.

Every gong produced by Zidijian is made following a centuries old Chinese tradition, and is made in a one-piece cast. This gong is partially lathed both front and rear, and comes with its own custom made stand and mallet.

The mystery behind the quality of all Zidijian gongs can be traced back to the year 1622, when Avedis I, an Armenian alchemist in Constantinople discovered a secret process for treating alloys, and applied the principle to the art of producing cymbals and gongs. The word, ‘Zidijian’ means cymbal smith in Armenian.

So if you purchase this gong, not only are you buying a top quality item, but you’re also buying a little bit of history. If sound and quality is what you’re after, then this gong certainly won’t disappoint.

3. KT Zen Table Gong


KT Zen Table Gong

We love the Zen Table Gong by KT – and that’s not just because the sound it emits is loud, rich, and long-lasting. It’s also pretty cool to look at as well.

The gong itself is etched with dragons and Taiji symbols, and hangs from its own wooden frame. When you use the gong as a prelude to meditation, the significance is of a call to mindfulness. It encourages you to begin the session, to relax and to become aware of your breathing. This is why a good meditation gong is made of a good quality material (usually copper), so the sound resonates and carries on for a good number of seconds.

4. GSG Home Series Table Gong

GSG Home Series Table Gong

You certainly get a whole load of gong for your buck with the GSG Home Series Table Gong. Embellished with the Chinese signs of the zodiac, it comes on a snazzy wooden hanging stand with matching mallet, it looks pretty cool as an ornament, as well as making a wonderful tone when you strike it.

In addition, it’s a great Feng Shui item, meaning you can place it in the optimum place in your home to ensure that the energy in your home is working in the best way possible to create a relaxing environment.

5. Zen Art Brass Table Gong

Zen Art Brass Table Gong

This Art Brass Table Gong is the budget option in this list. But just because it’s low in price, don’t be fooled into thinking the quality isn’t high. Measuring 7.5 x 2 x 8 inches, it’s a desktop gong, so fits perfectly into even the most cozy of homes.

Etched with Chinese dragons, it has a wonderful sound when struck – a perfect tone to begin your meditation session. The mallet hangs neatly to one side of the frame – this is a really picturesque gong; an ornament as well as being a practical mediation tool.

Whatever gong you choose, the importance of tone and resonance should not be underestimated. In addition, the sound it makes should be one that’s pleasing to your ears. You may have to try out a few to find one that works for you.

In fact, you might well end up with more than one, because depending on your mood and emotional state, a single sound might work on one day, but not another.