15 Kind Deeds for 15 Days of Kindness

You do not have to wait for someone to be kind to you to be kind to someone else. Doing something kind for someone else will not only make them feel better, but it will make you feel good, too. Here are 15 kind deeds you can carry out for 15 days of kindness.

1. Compliment someone

Woman Smiling Hoodie Lake

Words are often more powerful tools than we think they are, if used for good. Something as seemingly small as ‘I like your sweater’ can go a long way. Remember the last time you received a compliment, and how good it made you feel? Some days it’s the little things that help get us through. Be the giver of that kind of gift to someone else.

2. Ask a friend how they are doing

Snow Hiking Winter Friends

Asking someone how they are is a simple, easy and very kind thing to do for someone else. It does not take much effort, but it works. We often get too wrapped up in our own goings on to remember to check up on the people we love. Take some time to ask a loved one how they are. Even if everything is going fine, they will still appreciate the kind gesture.

3. Hold open the door for someone

Woman Doorway Japan

Once again, this is an example of how one small gesture has the potential to turn someone’s entire day around. If someone is carrying something heavy, help them out by holding the door. Even if they aren’t, it is still a kind gesture that willl likely not go unnoticed.

4. Give up your seat to someone else

Bus People Seats

Is the bus or train unusually crowded today? Good thing you were one of the first stops, right? Offer your seat to someone who has been left standing, especially the elderly who might not be able to stand for long periods of time like you can. This is a small act of kindness that could make a difference.

5. Bring someone coffee in the morning

Coffee Mug Table Wood

If you know a co-worker or friend loves coffee, surprise them by swinging by Starbucks on your way to work or to meet them. Not only can coffee make that person feel great, but even a small kind gesture, especially on a Monday morning, might mean a lot to them. Not everyone loves coffee, but those who do, REALLY do.

6. Place an anonymous card on a co-worker’s desk

Old desk Card iPad

Other than over a birthday, it is not very common for someone to receive a random card. This makes this random act of kindness especially nice, because they will not be expecting it. It will remind them that someone in their workplace cares and can even help them get through the rest of their day.

7. Offer to watch a friend’s kids for the afternoon

Kid Child Porch

Babysitting can be expensive, and sometimes a hard-working parent just needs a little time to unwind, run errands without having to bring their kids along or has an appointment that involves long wait times. Offer to take the kids off their hands for the afternoon so they can have some time away.

8. Listen

Elderly Woman Garden Talking

One of the nicest things you can do for someone is listen to them. Have you ever been stopped by an elderly neighbor’s seemingly endless storytelling? Spend some extra time listening. You could make someone else’s day and not even know it.

9. Offer someone a hug

Friends Hugging

This is probably an act of kindness that should be a little less random, reserved for family and friends perhaps, but it is still a kind thing to do on any given day. Hugs are good for everyone. You never know when someone just needs a quick hug to get them through the rest of their day.

10. Let someone ahead of you in line

People Standing Line Legs

Perhaps you are just standing in line for one thing and do not have anywhere to be, but someone behind you has many items and seems to be upset by the long line, as if they are in a hurry. Offer to let them go ahead of you.

11. Say ‘thank you’

Hands Flower Holding

People unfortunately often do not hear the words ‘thank you’ enough, especially people who work in hospitality or food service – jobs that are viewed as “expected” or “necessary.” Thank the person who took the time to make that sandwich for you. What do you have to lose? Express your gratitude to others more often.

12. Offer to run an errand for someone

Bicycle Basket

Sometimes a friend or loved one needs something, but can’t stop what they are currently doing to get it. Or a neighbor is sick and needs something picked up because they can’t do it for themselves right now. Offer to help, even if it means going out of your way. You would hope someone else could do the same for you if you were in the same situation.

13. Stop to help someone

Wheelchair Help Push

Did someone just drop something in the parking lot? Is a neighbor struggling to balance her groceries while trying to unlock the door to her apartment? Someone on the street looks lost and confused, as if they expected to be in the right place but aren’t. Stop and take a moment to assist another person any way you can.

14. Pay it forward

Hand Credit Card Holding

Many random acts of kindness are free, but every once in awhile paying it forward could also make someone else’s day. Next time you are in a long line, pay not only for your own order but also for the person behind you.

15. Offer to do a chore for free

Working People Papers

There is a lot to be done around the house, around the yard and so on. If you know of someone who could really use some extra help, offer to lend a hand completely free of charge. Sometimes the work of two people can make a task easier, less lonely and even more fun in some cases.

You never know what a kind deed can do for someone. Always be willing to show kindness without reward and you will live a more positive life.