11 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

Have you ever tried to get work done while sitting in an uncomfortable chair? It doesn’t usually end well.

Ergonomic office equipment, such as standing desks and office chairs, are for more than just comfort. They make sure that, as you are sitting or standing, you are doing so with support and posture that enables you to breathe and work efficiently without straining your muscles or putting unnecessary stress on your neck, shoulders, back and wrists. Even if you don’t have a standing desk, choosing an office chair that adheres to ergonomic needs is an essential part of maximizing your health and productivity.

There are several notable features of a truly ergonomic office chair:

  • Adjustable height, with or without a sit stand desk
  • Back support and/or head rest for added support
  • Arm rests for maximum hand and wrist support to prevent strain
  • Comfortable fabric and/or breathable mesh back

Here are some of the best and most effective ergonomic office chairs, to keep you comfortable and free of strain and injury as you work and stay productive seven days a week. All of the below options contain some or all of the key features listed above.

1. Tempur-Pedic TP9000 Ergonomic Desk Chair


The arms of the Tempur-Pedic ergonomic desk chair are both height and width adjustable, which means anyone who sits here can get comfortable and take care of their alignment. There is also a head rest option for even more ability to comfort and protect the neck, shoulders and back. The mesh back of the chair adds even more comfort to the ensemble.

2. Vexa Mesh Chair


This mesh office chair comes with tilt tension and tilt lock, which means you can adjust accordingly depending on the kind of work you plan on doing while at home or at the office. You will find maximum comfort in a chair built for the entrepreneur you have always wanted to be.

3. Lay-Z-Boy Bradley Bonded Leather Executive Chair


This product built for both comfort and ergonomic sensitivity. A quality office chair is about more than just your posture. If you are going to be sitting all day every day, you want enough cushion and padding to make it worth your while. The Lay-Z-Boy branded leather executive chair is also height adjustable for maximum efficiency and ease of use.

4. Hyken Technical Task Chair


Do you need an office chair with a built in head rest and adjustable height, arms, tilt and more? The Hyken technical task chair is built to support each part of your spine, keeping your neck, shoulders and back free of tension and strain. Sit back and relax or sit up straight and work your hardest. This office chair will be there for you no matter what you need to get done without discomfort or distraction.

5. Tarington Bonded Leather Managers Chair


Sometimes a comfortable chair is about more than being able to adjust the height to match your sit stand desk. The Tarington Bonded leather managers chair also comes with tilt adjustment to suit your current needs. Invest in an office chair that matches your décor (comes in black and brown) and seats you well while you work.

6. Turcotte Luxura High Back Managers Chair


The Turcotte Luxura high back managers chair comes with fixed arm rests, which ensures your hands and wrists will be appropriately supported no matter what you are working on in the office any day of the week. The adjustable height means you can use it with a sit or stand desk and ajust the height accordingly if you feel like you are ever beginning to slouch.

7. Carder Mesh Office Chair


The Carder mesh office chair comes with everything you could ever want in a reliable office companion. It has a fabric seat to keep you comfortable while you sit and a mesh back to keep you at ease while you lean back and get to work. It comes with adjustable height and arms to cater to the needs of any office worker, whether you’re the boss or trying to work your way up to earning the role.

8. Stiner Fabric Managers Chair


The reason ergonomic friendly office equipment is so important is often because of a normal desk chair and desk’s lack of wrist support. Prevent strain and injury to your wrists with the Stiner fabric managers chair, whose looped arm rests provide just the wrist support you need while you spend your day typing away.

9. Burlston Luxura Managers Chair


Are you looking for an ergonomic office chair built specifically to protect your spine? The Burlston Luxura managers chair is built for maximum lumbar support to prevent back pain and keep your spine aligned and your neck and shoulders free of strain and injury. It also comes with arm rest support.

10. Osgood Bonded Leather Managers Chair


The Osgood brand of bonded leather managers chairs are built with high backs, which means built in head and neck support whenever needed. Efficient lumbar support is also ensured when you purchase this product. You need an office chair that will deliver on its promises and support you no matter when, where and how much you work, and you can count on Osgood to deliver and meet all your needs.

11. Telford II Luxura Managers Chair


When it comes to comfortable, ergonomic office chairs, you deserve the best. The Telford II Luxura managers chair is upholstered with the finest, comforting fabric. It also comes equipped with padded, adjustable arms to cater to any of your needs and provide the arm, hand and wrist support you need while answering emails or making important phone or video calls.

Make sure you choose an ergonomic office chair that will suit your needs no matter the kind of work you are doing at home or at the office. Standing desk or not, you need the support and comfort of a work station that will allow you to focus on your work and get as much done in an eight hour day as possible.