10 Signs Your Relationship Is Over

When it comes to calling quits on a relationship, sometimes it can be hard to know if it really is time to give up. The following are 10 signs that could well be proof that much as you’ve tried, the writing’s on the wall, and for your own sanity, it’s time to move on

1. You’re bored:

Yes, we all know that at the beginning of a relationship it’s all excitement, hearts, and flowers. And who doesn’t love that rush of adrenaline that gets your heart going pitter-patter. Of course, we all know that such a honeymoon period can’t last forever.

But when it seems that neither of you can be bothered to make the effort to install some of those heart-racing moments anymore, then this could well be a strong signal that it might be time to move your life in another, different direction.

2. The affection is gone:

Couple Hugging Sea

Do you miss your partner when you’re not with them? Because while it’s essential to retain your individuality within a relationship, if you never long to see him or her when you’re apart, then why on earth are you continuing to be in such a union?

If you don’t long for a snuggle, or to simply touch base and find out what’s happening in each other’s lives, then it’s time for an overhaul about whether you’re emotionally compatible enough for the relationship to survive in the long term.

3. You fight – a LOT:

Of course, all of us have disagreements with our partner. In fact, it can be healthy for the relationship (and the making up afterward is always fun). But when fighting becomes the normal rather than the exception, then this is truly detrimental both parties.

It’s especially important if you keep fighting over the same subject over and over again. This is a sure-fire sign that you need to communicate over why you can’t resolve your issues. If it’s something small, then compromise is the key. But if you really can’t find a way forward together, then the only solution might well be to go your separate ways.

4. Infidelity:

Cheating on either side is often a deal-breaker. The whole basis of any successful relationship is trust, and once that’s gone, in most cases, it’s gone forever.

We’re not saying that finding out your partner’s been unfaithful will necessarily mean the relationship is over, but in many cases, it can be an impossible hurdle to overcome. You’ll need to understand exactly why it happened, and then make a decision as to whether you can start to rebuild that trust.

Only you can make that decision, and it’s one that can’t be made lightly. Trust is a fragile thing. And some people believe that it can be rebuilt, whereas others have a ‘one strike and you’re out’ mentality. It just depends which category you fall into…

5. There’s a failure to communicate:

Statues Talking

Communication is crucial for a successful relationship. How you feel about ‘stuff’ is something both of you need to share. But if this becomes something that you actively avoid, then you need to understand why this is happening.

Communication is a basic human need, and when it disappears between two individuals it can lead to a real void in a relationship. This can really be crunch time, and it’s time to pull out the stops and discuss it with your partner. If things don’t improve, then ending the relationship might be the only way forward.

6. Picking fights:

If you feel the need to constantly pick fights with your other half, this is a real nail in the coffin. It’s a true sign of discontentment in the relationship, and one that you need to work out why you’re doing it.

Or perhaps you feel that it’s your partner who’s always looking for a reason to argue. In this case, you need to confront them and ask why they’re doing so. You might not like the answers. But remaining quiet on the subject will only lead to further discontentment on both sides.

7. You’re window shopping:

Now, we’re not saying that because you’re in a relationship that you can’t even notice other good looking people around you. It’s only human nature to be appreciative of others who’re pleasing to your eye.

But if you’re actively going around looking for others who take your fancy, then this is a definite danger sign.

8. You might be in love, but you don’t actually like them anymore:

Woman Walking with Balloons

This can sometimes be a difficult one to even realize, let alone see it as a sign that it’s time to part ways. And, let’s be honest, working out the difference between love and like can be complicated at the best of times.

The best way to approach this is to imagine yourself in a position where you’re meeting your partner for the first time. Would you like them then? Or would they be a person who you’d not only dismiss, but that you might actively dislike? If that’s the case, then you know what you need to do…

9. The laughter has gone:


Couples that laugh together, stay together. It might be a cliché, but it’s a real truism. If you and your partner fail to have any fun anymore, then why on earth is this a good place to be?

You need to enjoy each other’s company. And this means being silly together, finding the same things funny, and having those little ‘in’ jokes that only the two of your understand. These are all reasons your relationship works, and when it goes, then – sad to say – the partnership is doomed.

10. They’re no longer number 1 on your list to call:

You know, when something really great (or really bad) happens, that they’re not the first person you think about contacting.

Imagine you get offered that job of your dreams. Who’re you going to first phone to tell the good news to? In a healthy relationship, it will be your partner. Or on the flip side, an awful event occurs and you need a shoulder to lean on. Again, the very first person you want to tell should be your other half. In both scenarios, if it’s someone different, then this is a huge danger sign for the relationship.