10 Online Dating Tips

Dating in the 21st century brings lots of opportunities. But it also brings with it new challenges. If you’re heading into the world of online dating, here are 10 tips to help you find that new Mr. or Mrs. Right…

1. Write a great profile

Write a great profile

OK, so if you’ve never done this before, it can feel somewhat weird to have to write a glowing reference about yourself. Firstly, modesty is not a turn on. So many people begin with such words as ‘I’m not very good at this’, or get someone else to write it for them.

Just highlight your good points without being arrogant. This is far more attractive to a potential date than false modesty. Just take care not to come across as loving yourself tooooo much.

Oh – and please, please proof read your profile before you post it. Incorrect spelling and bad grammar doesn’t look good anywhere – on your CV or your dating profile…

2. Post honest photos

Post honest photos

And more than one! A single photo can be misleading, so be sure to include at least a couple. And be sure that they accurately represent you as you are – not how you were 10 years ago. Photos of you doing something or out and about are far more appealing than selfies.

3. Be original

Be original

Because everyone enjoys travelling and meeting up with friends! Try to be more specific. For example, if travelling really is your thing, say where you’ve been or where you’d like to go. And if you enjoy time with friends (who doesn’t?), then say what you like doing when you meet up.

And if your hobbies are a bit ‘out there’, then say so! It’s far more interesting to read about someone who’s into something different, rather than the same old same old that’s churned out in most online dating profiles.

4. Don’t get your hopes up

Don’t get your hopes up

Online dating is a bit of a minefield. It’s almost a given that you’re not going to meet the man/woman of your dreams without going on a fair number of first dates. So don’t get carried away and think that the first time you hook up with a potential partner is going to be the beginning of a fairytale romance.

5. But on the flip side… Don’t get disheartened

Don’t get disheartened

Because you may have to go on a lot of dates to find a successful match, but online dating has proven successful for millions of people out there. You just have to stick with it and enjoy the process. It is meant to be fun, after all…

6. You don’t have to reply to every offer

You don’t have to reply to every offer

You may well be fortunate enough to receive lots of emails. But hey – it’s not necessary to reply to every single one of them. Even saying ‘thanks, but no thanks’ takes up a lot of time – and in all honesty, this can be more hurtful in some cases than not getting any reply at all.

7. Don’t leave it too long to meet up

Don’t leave it too long to meet up

Dating site, Match.com says a maximum of 6 emails in total is all you need to decide if you want to meet up. Sure, you can connect via email to a certain extent, but you can’t discover if there really is chemistry between you unless you meet face to face.

8. Meet in a non-threatening environment

Meet in a non-threatening environment

Don’t go to someone’s home address for a first date. Somewhere public – a restaurant, local park, bar… These are all good locations for that first face to face. And make it short. A couple of hours or so is more than long enough to decide if you might want to meet up again. Nothing’s worse than tying up a huge amount of time and realizing within the first 5 minutes that you’d rather be somewhere else…

9. Split the bill

Split the bill

You’re both adults! And hopefully solvent… Pay your share, rather than going all medieval and expect the guy to foot the bill. Even if he offers, today’s modern gal should be gracefully refuse and stump up her share. After all, you’re looking for a potential partner – not a sugar daddy!

10. If you like them, get in contact

get in contact

OK, so we’ve all heard the ‘rules’ about not seeming too keen. But hey, you’re not in high school any more – and this isn’t about game playing. If you like him or her, then let them know sooner rather than later that you’d like to meet up again. It doesn’t need to be a phone call. A simple text saying you had a good time and would they like to do it again will suffice.