10 Best Relationship Advice Blogs

It’s not only when a relationship’s going wrong that you might be looking for advice. If you want to make yours the best it can be, then you can gain huge insight and tips from some of the best relationship advice blogs out there.

1. Seriously Maybe

Seriously Maybe

Seriously Maybe is one of the rarer relationship blogs out there, because it’s written from the male perspective. In addition, they tackle pretty much everything and anything to do with relationships – with no apologies for how taboo, inappropriate, or controversial the topic might be. Pretty refreshing, as far as we’re concerned…

2. PassionSmiths


The PassionSmiths blog might be London, England based, but the advice and information you’ll find here is valid for anywhere in the world. After all, we’re all human, aren’t we? (Despite what you might think about your ex!).

The articles on here tend to more aimed towards those who’re dating, rather than those already in a committed relationship. But they’re well written and informative, and the advice given is sound and perfect for those looking for love in the 21st century.

3. iBelieve


Written by a Christian woman, iBelieve is pretty unique because it discusses not only the loving relationships between two partners, but also relationships as a whole – such as friendship, parent and child, and everything else in-between, from a Christian point of view.

4. The Gottman Institute Blog

The Gottman Institute Blog

If you want scientific based research, then look no further than The Gottman Institute Relationship Blog. Julie and John Gottman are pioneers of The Gottman Method for ensuring healthy relationships between couples and families. The blog and related website offers sound, well-researched advice on everything you’d care to know about relationships between a couple and the family unit as a whole.

5. Relationships Reality

Focused on the female of the species, Relationships Reality is all about giving advice to women on the reality of their relationship (the name kind of gives that away, doesn’t it?). It might sound a bit ‘girlie’, but the advice and subjects covered could well be truly useful.

Top hint! You don’t need to be in a relationship crisis to take advantage of this well-written blog.

6. Love and Life Toolbox

Love and Life Toolbox

This is a great blog, written for the intellectual, mature woman who wants to ensure both a healthy relationship and great emotional health. Not only is it packed with fact filled articles, but there are regular guest posts by other professionals in the relationship and wellness fields.

Love Life and Toolbox might have a strange sounding name, but the advice you’ll find there is real, appropriate, and sound.

7. Your Relationship Matters

Your Relationship Matters

Your Relationship Matters not only covers various aspects of couple’s relationships, but also concentrates on other topics that at first you might not think come under the umbrella of ‘relationships’.

But covering such subjects as anxiety, alcoholism, communication, jealousy, dealing with a partner’s children etc. are all part and parcel of many relationships.

Founder of the website is, Elly, a Dutch national who has worked in many counseling roles, as well being a trauma specialist for a UK police force and working in a doctor’s surgery. She’s now devoted her time and energy into making her blog and website a real ‘go-to’ place for everything to do with understanding relationships.

8. Susie and Otto

Susie and Otto

Hooray! Another blog with some male input. Susie and Otto met in 1999 following painful marriage breakups. But this was a fortunate meeting of minds, as well as love, and the two now work as highly successful relationship coaches and mentors for people around the world.

The blog is updated regularly with excellent topics, and they’re certainly not afraid of talking about the ‘untalkable’. A great blog for both men and women to read – something that many of the others out there don’t manage to achieve.

9. Modern Love Long Distance

Modern Love Long Distance

There’s a whole host of people living the ‘long distance relationship’ dream (or nightmare, depending on your perspective. Modern Love Long Distance is THE online resource for anyone who’s in such a situation – or who’s just about to embark on one.

With employment dictating where many of us have to live, there are more and more people who’re having to try to cope with living miles away from their loved one. Sometimes just having a friendly article to read that makes you realize that you’re not actually alone is all you need to help you get through the day…

10. The Brunette Diaries

The Brunette Diaries

This is one for the younger girls out there, with articles on such important issues like ‘how to get rid of a hickey!’. And hey, when you’re in your teens, this is truly important stuff!

But The Brunette Diaries isn’t solely about superficial topics such as this. It’s a great resource for learning about when’s the right time to move in with your partner, or how to make peace with your sibling/s for a happier home life.