10 Best Places to Travel Alone

Are you one of those people who has been itching to travel, but doesn’t want to have to deal with working around someone else’s schedule? Have you ever considered just traveling somewhere on your own?

While it might be fun to go on an epic adventure with a few good friends or a close loved one, sometimes what you really need when you are planning a trip is to get away from everything. Everything, including people you know. It’s healthy. Some might even say it’s necessary.

Everyone should go on a trip alone at least once in their life. Traveling can change your life, and sometimes major transformations require a little more alone time. Check out these 10 best places to travel alone and start thinking about when you can plan your solitary vacation.

1. Austria

Vienna Austria

Sometimes, eating and drinking alone has its perks: you don’t have to share your dessert if you don’t want to. The city of Vienna, Austria is the perfect place to travel when you want to spend an extended period of time by yourself. There are enough cafes and shops for you to wander into on your own, and no one will judge you for enjoying a hot cup of coffee or a delicious meal without a companion.

2. Portugal

Lisbon Portugal Tower

It’s time for the kind of trip you have always wanted to take: a solo beach vacation so beautiful you will want to keep the entire experience for yourself. That’s not all you can do in the wondrous town of Lagos, Portugal, though: there are also plenty of caves you can explore, and enough restaurants that it will be hard not to meet other travelers along the way.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand lookout

New Zealand is a region full of fun activities to keep you occupied and entertained while you try to make the absolute most out of your alone time. You can take a ride on a boat or go for a hike, or you can take a bike around and just enjoy the many views of the area. It is a great way to get away without completely isolating yourself from other people while taking on the role of a lone traveler.

4. Canada

Vancouver Harbor

There are a lot of great things to do in Canada, especially traveling alone in Vancouver. Experiencing Vancouver can mean a lot of different things to different people. You can go on a hiking expedition if that’s your thing, or you can visit the location’s many markets and museums. Sometimes, exploring a new place all on your own is exactly what you need to feel in tune with yourself again.

5. Bali

Shrine Bali

Take a trip alone to Ubud, Bali by yourself: just do it. It is known as one of the best spa destinations in the world, so it is an absolutely perfect place to get away to if you just need some time to spend taking good care of yourself. It is also beautiful, and there is no better way to enjoy that kind of beauty than on your own. Drink in the experience and treat yourself.

6. Norway

Man Hiking in Norway

If you are determined to travel to a faraway place on your own, one concern you might have is whether or not you will be able to stay safe while you travel from place to place by yourself. Norway is not only pretty to look at, but a fun and safe place to be. It has a low crime rate which means you should have no problem enjoying the sights of the area without having to worry.

7. Spain

Granada Spain

The town of Granada, Spain is inhabited by an ancient palace that is best explored individually. You will want to take a tour of the large architectural wonder, which means you wouldn’t be able to do much whispering between yourself and a travel companion anyway. This is your ideal place to be if you are interested in catching a glimpse of a centuries-old Spanish landmark.

8. Switzerland

Railway in Switzerland

What do you picture when you think about arriving in a country all alone? Traveling alone in Switzerland is like a dream come true. The country is fairly small and easy to get around in because of its plethora of public transportation. There are plenty of options when it comes to cities you can explore on foot as well, whether you want to do some serious shopping or find good local cuisine to enjoy while you are there.

9. Chile

Patagonia Chile

You can do just about everything you can imagine if you take a solo trip to Chile at some point. The location has a diverse landscape: everything from mountains to beaches to valleys. So while you’re there, you can go on a refreshing and solitary hike, or you could ski. You could go surfing or simply walking through local cities to explore local culture. See this beautiful location for yourself, then bring someone back with you another time.

10. Costa Rica

Volcano in Costa Rica

Let’s be honest: you’ll have to travel a lot further than Disney World to find the true happiest place on earth, but it is worth the ride. Costa Rica is filled with all kinds of fun activities for you to do on your own, like walking through the country’s Cloud Forest or zip lining, which you absolutely have to try at least once even if you’re afraid of heights. That’s a solo activity worth the thrill.

Ready to set off on an epic journey all on your own? Here are a few tips to help you travel safely and successfully all alone.

Traveling alone is good for you, and if you ever get the chance, you should try to make it happen at least once in your lifetime, if not more than that. It will give you time to think, process and make decisions without having to rely on someone else, boosting your confidence.

Traveling alone, you will be able to experience beauty and wonder around the world, all on your own, which is both refreshing and rewarding. Give these best places to travel alone a try. You won’t regret it.