10 Best Personal Finance Websites

The internet isn’t just great for cat videos and funny memes. It’s also an ideal place to learn, often for free. This is especially beneficial if you are someone who wants to learn about personal finance, but doesn’t know where to start. Here are 10 of the best personal finance websites to help you manage your money and get your finances in order once and for all.

1. MyMoney.gov


As you can probably guess from its domain, MyMoney.gov is a government-operated personal finance site dedicated to helping you figure out what to do with your money. What makes this personal finance site stand out from the others is that it helps you learn how to protect your money. The site offers tips for not just earning, saving and investing, but also helps users figure out how to make smart decisions with their finances. It will teach you how to watch out for fraud and scams, report any suspicious activity on bank statements and more.

2. WiseBread.com


A goal of many young adults is to eventually be able to handle their own finances without help from their families. Wise Bread aims to help its visitors live well as financially independent people. The site not only includes your typical personal finance tips and tricks, but also offers advice and life hacks for spending less on the things you want and need, so that you can save more in the long term. There are also plenty of free resources for you, such as links to sign up for personal finance classes for even more advice and education on the subject.

3. CashMoneyLife.com


Cash Money Life is a personal finance blog that caters to people in all walks of life who want to be more savvy with their finances. Each of their post titles is usually phrased in the form of a question, such as, “where should I invest my money?” This makes finding answers to your questions easy, since you can just type it in to the search box and get internal results easily without having to search the entire web to find the information you are looking for.

4. Kiplinger.com


Kiplinger is the ideal hub for anyone who wants to learn more about personal finance by keeping up with business forecasts, news and investment updates. Regardless of the kind of content you are looking for to increase your financial know how, this site features not only helpful and actionable, informative blog posts, but videos, slideshows and online virtual quizzes as well to help you test your knowledge. You would think all this content would make the site feel busy and cluttered, but it’s so well organized, you won’t be fazed.

5. BankRate.com


If you have heard of financial planning and its importance, but have no idea where to start, this is the website for you. Bank Rate offers a variety of tips and web pages on various topics related to personal finance. Most notably, though, it will help you if you are hoping to set yourself up financially for retirement or you want to do any kind of financial planning for the future. The site is easy to navigate, so finding the answers to your financial questions is both quick and easy.

6. LearnVest


LearnVest is all about helping you plan for a healthy and worry free financial future. Those who run the site believe anyone can learn enough about their own finances to form the strategies necessary to plan for financial health and success. The site offers a personalized approach to learning about finances, so that everyone who invests in its services will come out the other side knowing everything they need to know about the financial methods that work for them specifically. From the site you can also download an app that serves as a financial guide for your future.

7. DoughRoller.net


When it comes to personal finance, everyone learns differently. Dough Roller has a little bit of something for everyone. This personal finance site gives tips and advice on a variety of subjects, everything from credit card management to investing to figuring out your insurance. They even have a podcast for those who want more content or a different kind of content to choose from. Any question you might have related to personal finance, there is probably already a post or podcast episode that answers it in helpful detail.

8. BankingSense.com


One of the problems you may have already come across, if you have searched for the best personal finance websites, is the jargon. If you’re not a money savvy person, you don’t know all the technical accounting terms the experts do … and you don’t need to. That’s the most unique and valuable feature of Banking Sense. This personal finance site introduces and explains financial concepts in simple, jargon free language to help you fully understand your finances and what you can do with them.

9. ModestMoney.com


Modest Money is a personal finance blog that provides a variety of resources for anyone hoping to learn how to get their finances in order. It is a great place to find tips about investing, as it provides up to date on news and current events related to investment. Its resource page links to other finance focused websites for more information, as well as personal finance books and recommended free downloadable apps and content to help you track savings and more.

10. Mint.com


Have you ever wished you could carry a financial expert around with you in your pocket? That’s what you can do with Mint’s app. In general, though, the site itself lets you create a free account to help you start learning how to budget, save and spend your money so you can earn and invest in ways that make sense. And of course, you can also find tips and advice for whichever personal finance topics trip you up the most.

Hopefully these sites will help you gain a better understanding of how to manage your money for the rest of your life.