10 Best Men’s Fitness Blogs

The thing about fitness blogs is that it’s become a way-too-crowded marketplace. It can be a real challenge to decide which ones to read, which ones to follow – in fact, if you’re not careful, you can end up spending so much time trawling the net that you dig into your precious training time!

So to help, we’ve put together the top 10 list of awesome men’s fitness blogs. No matter what your target, you’re sure to find one here that works for you.

1. JCD Fitness

JCD Fitness

The website of JC Dean, JCD Fitness is THE guy to take note of if you want to drop the fat. OK, he’s pretty hard core. But then who ever said getting into shape was going to be easy?

This self confessed ‘former fat boy’ posts tons of free articles, as well as having some pretty cool paid-for training programs if you’re that way inclined.

2. Make Your Body Work

Make Your Body Work

Make Your Body Work is the blog from Dave Smith, one of Canada’s top performance trainers. He deals not only with the aspects of losing weight and improving fitness, but the mind-set behind the process. And, we have to say, we certainly agree with his comments that if that part isn’t right, then you’re never going to get the results you crave…

3. Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness

So, Nerd Fitness isn’t solely for the guys – but they’ve helped over 40,000 men and women around the globe make the lasting physical changes they’ve wanted – all without needing to do crazy stuff like cleanse, take supplements, or sell your soul to the local gym…

And the guys here don’t simply tell you what you need to do, they know how to make it fun and entertaining as well. If you want a no BS, yet realistic approach, then this could be the one for you.

4. Davey Wavey Fitness

Davey Wavey Fitness

Apart from having a fab name, the blog of Davey Wavey Fitness is another guy who struggled with body image from a young age. Today he not only looks fantastic, but he’s truly dedicated to helping guys at any stage of their fitness journey reach their goals.

The site is packed with articles, tips, nutrition, and weight loss advice, as well as free ‘ask Davey’ advice via email.

5. Up Fitness

Up Fitness

Up Fitness is a blog by Nick Mitchell – and this guy is nothing short of a machine! If you’re looking for fitness training advice at the hard core end of the spectrum, then this could be the one to follow.

Combining science with real training advice, you can simply use his articles and free downloads to get results. One for the ‘tough mudders’ amongst you…

6. Father Fitness

Father Fitness

So you’ve just become a dad. Congrats! But hey, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice all your other goals. Father Fitness is all about how to fit in your training around your responsibilities as a dad.

This blog by Englishman, Paul Stainforth, is based on his own experiences about how such a new chapter in your life can actually be a motivation towards your fitness. Go on, dad – give this one a try…

7. Dai Manuel

Dai Manuel

Dai Manuel’s blog covers everything to do with a healthy lifestyle. Here you can get training advice, diet tips, and entrepreneurial know-how all in a single location.

This guy is true inspiration, and his blog is entertaining as well. And he’s not afraid to tackle somewhat sensitive subjects too, such as why working on your core muscles can truly improve your bedroom techniques…

8. Ross Training

Ross Training

Ross Training is the blog and website of Ross Enamait, a superb boxing coach and personal trainer who’s renowned for the results he gets. One of the more hard core blogs in the list, if you’re looking for inspiration and advice on strength training and high athletic performance, then check this one out.

You can also take advantage of the forum that’s got thousands of people inputting on a daily basis. Great when you’ve got a question to ask or simply need an inspirational boost.

9. Dr. John Rusin

Dr. John Rusin

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to understand the sciencey stuff behind your training, then the blog of Dr. John Rusin is going to hit the spot. This conditioning and strength coach has used his expertise to move into physical therapy and injury prevention.

If you want to train to the best of your ability AND keep free from injury, then John Rusin is your guy.

10. Timothy Bell

Timothy Bell

The blog of Timothy Bell is the one to follow if you want a minimalist approach to fitness. He shares tons of advice about how you can improve your fitness and look great without shelling out half your salary to a fancy gym or personal trainer.

He uses his years of experience to show you exactly how to reach your goals training with whatever you have available. From the local park to your back yard, the living room to the office, these are all places you can get an awesome workout – and his blog shows you exactly how.