10 Best Female Business Bloggers

One of the greatest assets of women in business is their ability to share and connect. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that there are some amazing female business bloggers out there. The following is the low down on 10 of the very best female talent who’ve turned to blogging to share their knowhow with others…

1. Penelope Trunk

Penelope Trunk is perhaps one of the best known female bloggers online today. Her blog, named simply after herself, provides essential information on careers, education, 1-on-1 coaching, and courses in a manner that’s both informative and fun to read. And she’s appeared on CNN, the BBC, and National Public Radio.

Penelope is the founder of four separate and successful startups; these include being the co-founder of Quistic, an online community that helps you to “discover your best career path and the next thing you should be learning”.

While the advice she gives on her blogs is not necessarily female-specific, what she excels in writing about is the challenges that women in particular face in the business world: Challenges such as juggling a career and a family, successfully combing work with your relationship, and being a woman in what is still (unfortunately) a man’s world.

2. Nellie Akalp

Small business expert and entrepreneur, Nellie Akalp, has a blog called CorpNet. The blog is all about providing information to business owners and aspiring business owners about how to be successfully self-employed. One of the best things about this blog is its clarity and ease of reading. There are no long winded lectures to be found here – everything that’s featured is straightforward and concise.

Although her advice is aimed at those who’re looking to start up or are already running their own business, it’s equally good for anyone who wants to further their career in any field.

Akalp has been blogging since 2009 and has been featured numerous times in the media. Fox Business, Forbes, and Bloomberg Business Week are just some that are advocates of her blogging abilities.

3. Jane Copeland

Mother, Jane Copeland, is the author of business blog, Coping With Jane. This former management executive is living proof that having a baby doesn’t mean you need to give up doing what you love – and be successful at it too. She originally left her senior management role for 5 months maternity leave. But after falling in love with her new son, decided that returning to the rat race was not for her.

Instead she began her blog from her kitchen table with, in her own words, “her son on her lap”. She knows first hand that having a child can make a woman redefine her life, but not diminish the craving for personal and professional success. Her blog is filled with real advice about how women can successfully combine the two.

4. Candice Landau

South African born, Candice Landau, is a writer, jeweler, and blogger who has made her home in the US. She is also the primary writer and editor for BPlans, a small business planning resource for those who are starting up and growing their small business.

The blog provides daily business advice and guidance, along with a community of likeminded people brought together by the power of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

5. Nicole Matejic

Marketing and social media expert, Nicole Matejic, has an eclectic blog that provides up to the minute information on all things that are hitting the news right now. Matejic uses her inimitable ability to see past the hype and get straight to the crux of an issue. From marketing to story telling, protecting your brand online to what you need to study at uni, no subject is taboo and there’s always a valid business related take-away from each article.

6. Heather Allard

Heather Allard, author of the blog of the same name, is another example of living proof that women can have a family and be successful. Following a 10 year career of building businesses and selling them on, plus being featured in publications such as The New York Times and Fox Business News, she’s now a mother of three, an essential oil educator and, as she puts it, “a wellness junkie”. Oh yes, and earns a six figure annual salary whilst doing so…

Her blog is dedicated to showing women how they can live a healthier happier life. Because healthy and happy leads to productivity – and that’s what being successful in business is all about.

7. Susan Gunelius

CEO, Susan Gunelius, brings her wealth of 20 years experience in the field of marketing to her blog and website, Women on Business. She’s held key positions in some of the world’s biggest companies, including HSBC, AT&T, and Household International. This is a fantastic resource for both marketing professionals and students. Many of her articles have been published on websites including Fox Business, Washington Post, and Business Week.

8. Natalie MacNeil

With a blog that started by accident, Natalie MacNeil’s blog, She Takes On The World, was originally her personal blog about her travel experiences. Today she’s read by tens of thousands of people every month. With her belief that personal growth and business go hand in hand, Natalie has been called to mentor entrepreneurs the world over – including The White House!

Her passion is helping women move out of the corporate world and into running their own business. And her blog is filled with information on how to reach your potential and build the business of your dreams.

9. Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington

Perhaps the most successful female blogger ever, Arianna Huffington needs little introduction. Co-founder and editor-in-chief of the global phenomenon that is The Huffington Post, Huffington still writes regular articles for the company that’s now owned by AOL. She’s also the author of 15 successful business related books, the most recent of which is entitled Thrive and the Sleep Revolution.

10. Andrea Genevieve

With her blog of the same name, Andrea Genevieve is a marketer and a mom who lives in Austin, Texas. For those who want to learn more about how social media can be utilized to connect with more people (and therefore, potential customers), this is the place to go.

Genevieve is queen of explaining ways that women can have multiple roles in their life: Roles such as a mother, entrepreneur, business professional and more. And, we have to say, she seems to have successfully combined them together. Her blog provides excellent information on how all women can do exactly the same, without losing out on the importance of family life.