10 Best Companies Selling Health Supplements Online

Do you or someone you know take health supplements on a regular basis? For some, these supplements can help them live normal lives despite certain conditions. Some just use supplements for caution.

What are you looking for in terms of a health supplement? Here are 10 of the best companies selling health supplements online, what they offer and how they can help you achieve optimal health through supplementing.

1. Healthy Directions

Healthy Directions

If you want to try a health supplement but do not know where to start, your best bet is to start here. Healthy Directions is run by experts such as physicians and researchers, so you do not have to doubt their credibility in the information they provide or the health supplements their site offers. Healthy Directions offers all sorts of remedies, and the way their supplements are organized makes online shopping easy. You can browse supplements by ingredient, by health concern and by product, so even if you do not know exactly what you are looking for, Healthy Directions points you in the right direction and helps you make the best health supplement choices for you.

2. Professional Supplement Center

Professional Supplement Center

Are you looking specifically for health supplements online that are recommended only by health professionals? The Professional Supplement Center is the website you will want to be sure to visit in order to ensure you are choosing the appropriate health supplements for you. Not only are these supplements recommended by health care professionals, but the website offers a service in which you can ask a nurse or physician any question you have related to the health supplements that the company offers to their customers online.

3. ProHealth

ProHealth Vitamin Store

What are you looking for in a nutritional supplement right now? Something that will finally stop that unexplainable pain? Something that will finally help you lose weight? What if you are just looking for some reliable multivitamins to make sure you are getting all the nutrition you need to stay as healthy as you possibly can? ProHealth offers vitamins and other supplements to help those dealing with things like inflammation and immune support, as well as theoretically helping to boost things like memory and energy and promote weight loss. ProHealth also sells multivitamins and remedies to ease chronic pain.

4. True Health

True Health

Everyone has different reasons why they might need to take extra supplements for better nutrition. When searching for a company that sells trustworthy remedies online, you want to find a business that sells supplements to help you deal with all kinds of different diseases and deficiencies. True Health is one of those online companies that can sell you nutritional supplements for anything you might need, all sorts of vitamins for things like diabetes, digestive problems and issues related to the colon.

5. Healing Natural Oils

Healing Natural Oils

Some people only want health supplements that are natural and will not interfere negatively in any way with their body’s normal biological functions. You can find these kinds of health supplements here. Healing Natural Oils takes a natural approach to skin care and other kinds of health needs. On their site you can find supplements that are remedies for anything from headaches to acne to wrinkles and more.

6. Life Extension

Life Extension

Unlike many of the other health supplement companies selling their products online, Life Extension has made themselves into more of a trustworthy brand than just a place to buy supplements. They publish a magazine and their site offers all the information you will need to make sure you are choosing the appropriate nutritional supplements for yourself. They still do sell supplements through their site though, including anti-aging supplements and hormones. The name fits the offering: Life Extension believes supplements can help you live a longer, healthier life.

7. The Vitamin Shoppe

Vitamin Shoppe

Whether you just need a multivitamin to fill in the nutrient gaps or you have a health concern you and/or your doctor feel needs health supplementation, you will find anything you need here at high quality yet affordable pricing. The Vitamin Shoppe is a user friendly simple to navigate website that offers vitamin supplements, supplements for fitness and performance and more. They also offer supplements that aid in weight control as well as other products besides supplements, if you are interested in combining health supplement use with other health foods and drinks for optimal health.

8. eVitamins


Another thing to look for when searching for reliable companies selling supplements online is a business that offers a variety of supplement types for different kinds of nutritional needs. You will find a wide variety of supplements to choose from at eVitamins, from categories such as bodybuilding supplements, dietary supplements, weight loss supplements, herbal supplements and more depending on your needs and desires. The eVitamins site is user friendly too, which makes online shopping for the supplements you want easy, quick and affordable.

9. General Nutrition Companies (GNC)


General Nutrition Companies lets you shop for supplements in any way you want. You can shop by dietary need, gender, goal and more. You will be able to find any kind of health or beauty supplement you need through General Nutrition Companies by browsing the wide range of supplements they have to offer through their website. You will find supplements such as protein, fish oils, sport supplements and other kinds of supplements for dietary purposes.

10. Moringa Source

Moringa Source

When it comes to supplements, everyone is looking for something a little different. Some are okay with taking them in capsule form or using a powder like protein powder, but others would much rather use things like herbal tea as supplements because they might be more reliable and safer. Moringa Source’s website is the home to all sorts of Moringa products, everything from capsules to powders to oils. They also sell extract and herbal teas as forms of nutritional supplements as well. Their site also offers some educational materials so you can read up on the kinds of supplements you are thinking about purchasing from Moringa Source in the near future.

Whichever type of health supplement you are on the lookout for, you can be sure to find the right ones for you through these online companies.