10 Best Blogs To Help With Gym Motivation

No matter what your reason is for hitting the gym, on occasion we all need a little extra motivation.

The following are 10 of the very best blogs out there to follow that’ll give you that much-needed boost. After all, we all need that ‘kick up the backside’ once in a while. So head over to these awesome words of wisdom by some of the best in the fitness industry.

1. Blogilates


We love Blogilates, the blog of fitness instructor, Cassey Ho, and specifically designed for women who want to make the most of their bodies. Not only does she cover some awesome workouts (in the form of free videos), but you’ll learn everything you need to know on healthy eating, how to listen to your body, and also how to ignore some of those fitness myths that many of us believe, but are really a load of old baloney…!

2. Ross Training

Ross Training

There’s nothing like boxing training to get results – and fast! Boxing trainer and coach, Ross Enamait’s blog, Ross Training, brings this in easy reach for all of us – not simply those who’re looking to compete in the ring. Enamait’s ethos is that no two of us are the same – and because of that, no two of us can follow exactly the same training regime to get the same results.

Suitable for both men and women, the serious boxer to regular folks who simply want to get fitter. An awesome blog!

3. Daily Burn

Daily Burn

Featuring regular articles and posts by guest authors, the Daily Burn is both interesting and motivating. You’ll discover some incredible home workouts, along with great competitive blogs posts, sciency stuff, ways to test your fitness levels, and articles targeting health and injury issues. A fantastic all round blog that has something for everyone.

4. Tone It Up

Tone It Up

Tone It Up is the work of Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn, and has been wowing their fans since 2009. They provide regular updates, including such gems as weekly workout schedules, delicious healthy recipes, upper and lower body workouts, how to burn calories even when you’re not working out, how to successfully add weight training to your workout… You get the idea.

5. Fitfluential


An awesome (and prolific) blog, Fitfluential not only provides motivational advice, but is a massive health and wellness community enjoyed by a huge amount of people. Here you’ll find people from around the world sharing their fitness tips via blogs, YouTube clips, and Instagram. Plus there are regular fitness posts that provide workout ideas, fitness tips, and everything else you can think of to do with health and fitness.

6. Born Fitness

Born Fitness

We love Born Fitness, THE place to come if you’ve got a question on anything to do with fitness and nutrition. Founded by Adam Bornstein (check him out, he certainly knows his stuff – after all, he’s a member of Arnie Schwarzenegger’s fitness advisory board), this blog is great for both guys and girls alike. You’ll discover amazing nutrition advice, how to carry out various exercises for the best effect, and everything in between.

7. Pop Sugar

Pop Sugar

One for the girls, Pop Sugar is a blog with a fitness channel incorporated into it. Covering a wide variety of fitness related posts, you get loads of articles that really are motivational – from how to look great in swimmers to why mediation is truly helpful to help you reach your fitness goals. And it’s fun to read too – a winner all round!

8. Muscle and Brawn

Muscle and Brawn

One for the guys – Muscle and Brawn is, as the name suggests, dedicated to weight lifting and body building. This is a great blog for guys looking for the latest info on competition, strength training, powerlifiting, nutrition etc. And we really like the way the articles are written when it comes to motivation. Just enough of a competitive, challenging edge that’ll get you raring to head to the gym.

9. End of Three Fitness

End of Three Fitness

Well written and truly motivational, End of Three Fitness is all about how you can go from unfit to truly fit, simply by following a pretty cool (and easy to keep to) training program. Regularly updated with articles, tutorials, and podcasts, this is the perfect training partner for us ‘normal’ folk who don’t want to sell our soul to the local gym; we simply want to get fitter and healthier, and have fun whilst doing so…

10. Straight to the Bar

Straight to the Bar

The work of Scott Bird, Straight to the Bar is for those out there who want to find motivation and advice on how to get as strong and big as possible. If you’re into strength training, this is THE place to come for awesome advice and motivation. Check him out on YouTube as well…