10 Best Blogs for Self-Development

The first step to success is figuring out what you want to do to change the world.

With so many different people out there sharing their stories of how they are making a difference, there’s a lot of noise to sift through. Not everyone’s philosophy or worldview matches yours, and sometimes you just want to do it your way.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 blogs that will help you on your journey to self-development. The more ways you learn to refine your skills, set your own goals and achieve your greatest ambitions, the better “self” you will become.

1. Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog

Founded in 2010 by Chris Lavergne, Thought Catalog is dedicated to sharing the stories and ideas of its community and readers. It publishes essays and stories written by ordinary people with extraordinary ideas and imaginations.

Whether you’re a writer looking for a place to let your voice be heard or a reader who needs to know someone else has been where you are, Thought Catalog is the blog to satisfy all your self-improvement needs.

2. Four Hour Work Week

Four Hour Workweek

Tim Ferriss is an entrepreneur wearing many hats as an author, speaker, lecturer and motivator. His blog, Four Hour Work Week, features links to his books, podcast episodes and current projects, all centered on one common theme: changing the world through wherever your passions lie.

Four Hour Work Week provides tips and strategies for betting yourself, climbing your way to success and, most importantly, what to do and how to stay happy and productive when you’ve already achieved your goals.

3. Life-Long Learner

Life Long Learner

For the aspiring professional, Life-Long Learner discusses goal setting, tracking personal growth and how to market yourself, your skills and maybe even your business.

Want to kick a bad habit? Learn how to send better emails? Learn a new skill? This is the blog for learning all these things and more.

If you’re not into RSS feeds or have plenty more blogs to catch up on during the week, you can sign up for Life-Long Learner’s email list for more helpful tips and inspiration to work toward being a better, more successful you.

4. No More Holding Back

No More Holding Back

Are you ready to get down to business, stop letting obstacles stand in your way and take better care of yourself? Kat Biggie, freelance writer, blogger, mother and activist, started No More Holding Back to help herself and others cope with loss and hardship and give tips on how to overcome life’s many challenges to achieve big things.

Biggie shows readers new ways to maintain a healthy body and mind and offers support for getting through the though journeys we all face along the way to learning more about who we are and what we are capable of.

5. Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness is all about “leveling up” your life. Steve Kamb takes his “rebels” on a journey to living stronger, healthier, more fulfilling lives. His blog covers everything from stress management to fitness tips to people who are doing cool and nerdy things with their lives.

Readers can pay to partake in fitness “quests,” or fitness plans to help them lose weight and get stronger the right way. Nerd Fitness is all about taking pride in who you are and setting goals to improve yourself along the way.

6. Advanced Life Skills

Advanced Life Skills

Going beyond the basic everyday tasks that make up your typical mundane routine, Advanced Life Skills offers tips for overcoming fear, discomfort and conflict resolution. It helps its audience turn negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones, so they can accomplish more and feel more confident in their skills and self-worth.

This blog helps readers look deeper into themselves to find where they fit in the world and rely on their strengths while accepting and compensating for their weaknesses. According to Advanced Life Skills founder Jonathan Wells, with the right life skills, anything is possible.

7. Life Optimizer

Life Optimizer

Donald Latumahina loves computers, information technology and personal effectiveness, and through his blog, Life Optimizer, he has found a way to combine these three passions for the purpose of helping others discover their own passions and become better, more effective individuals.

Latumahina believes the majority of us operate below their maximum potential in life, and provides tips on how to change that. The same way a computer scientist seeks to optimize all of a computer’s resources and abilities, every person should be able to do the same within themselves

8. Brain Pickings

Brain Pickings

Writer and “curious mind” Maria Popova founded Brain Pickings as a way to sift through the noise and pick out the things that matter most in the world. Popova believes creativity is a combination of our brain’s many resources, such as knowledge, insight and inspiration.

Brain Pickings offers readers the chance to dive deeper into what their minds are capable of. Posts on the site and emails through an online newsletter prompt and attempt to answer some of humanity’s most pressing questions about life, who we are and how we fit into the grand scheme of the universe.

9. Personal Excellence

Personal Excellence

If you have been searching for a way to live up to your highest potential, use your abilities to your advantage and achieve even the most far-off goals on your bucket list, Celestine Chua is ready and waiting for you.

Personal Excellence provides tips and advice to help people all over the world live the best lives possible. It is one of the world’s top personal development blogs and includes resources in formats ranging from blog posts to video tutorials to online courses. Inspirational quotes are an added bonus.

10. Live Your Legend

Live Your Legend

Live Your Legend isn’t just a blog: it’s a revolution.

Scott Dinsmore asks his readers to contemplate one question: what would the world be like if everyone found pleasure and fulfillment in the work they did every single day?

Live Your Legend’s blog provides step-by-step tutorials for making all our dreams—loving the work we do, surrounded by those who make that mindset possible—come true. Success isn’t an individual achievement, but every person, in one way or another, is responsible for making it happen.

You don’t have to read every single one of these if you don’t have time. Pick one or two and explore what they have to offer. More likely than not, something one of these great minds has to say will resonate with you.

You can achieve greatness. The question is, where will you begin?