10 Amazingly Inspiring Podcasts To Help You Achieve Your Greatness

Want to be the best you possible? Then download these truly inspiring podcasts to help you get up to speed on your journey to greatness.

1. The School of Greatness – Lewis Howes

The School of Greatness – Lewis Howes

New York Times bestselling author, Lewis Howes, also presents an awesome podcast entitled, The School of Greatness. Launched in 2013, he’s been downloaded over 30 million times – and for good reason, he’s faced adversity himself, pulled himself up, and now knows that it’s not just about greatness – it’s also about loving what you do!

If anyone out there can inspire you to make your dreams reality, then Howes is the go-to guy…

2. Tony Robbins Podcast

Tony Robbins Podcast

#1 life and business strategist, and a world leader on leadership psychology to boot, Tony Robbins presents everything you need to inspire you towards greatness in his awesome podcast.

His list of accolades know no boundaries: Harvard Business Press list him as one of the top 200 business gurus, Fortune Magazine named him the CEO Whisperer, and American Express as one of the Top 6 Business Leaders in the World. He’s touched the lives of millions, including not only those of world class corporation leaders, but entertainers too. Think Usher, Pitbull, and Aerosmith. And he can do the same for you as well…

3. Happiness – Gretchen Rubin

Happiness – Gretchen Rubin

The aptly named, Happiness podcast , by Gretchen Rubin provides a slightly different angle to greatness than many of the others on this list. With how to achieve happiness being the underlying theme that runs through all of the recordings, it’s a little more life orientated.

But hey! If we’re not truly happy, then we can never be truly great! And if you’re looking at ways to improve your life (and therefore your performance), then there’s nothing more uplifting than listening to her words of wisdom.

4. TED Radio Hour Podcast

TED Radio Hour Podcast

The TED Radio Hour is a wicked podcast that’s based on many of the outstanding speakers that’ve graced the hallowed TED Stage. Hosted by Guy Raz, you can benefit from the speeches and talks that’ve been hosted on such subjects as happiness, crowd sourcing innovation, power shifts, connections – you name it, there’s an expert who’s spoken about it.

5. The Ziglar Show – Inspiring Your True Performance

The Ziglar Show – Inspiring Your True Performance

Continuing the legend that is Zig Ziglar even after his death is what The Ziglar Show is all about. With over 30 million downloads, you know you’re heading to a podcast with some real clout. The show (that Ziglar himself started) is now in the capable hands of one of his protégés – Kevin Miller.

The show prides itself on interviewing some of life’s real go-getters, such as Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, and Dave Ramsey.

6. Entrepreneur on Fire – John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneur on Fire – John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneur on Fire, the podcast by John Lee Dumas, features interviews by its host that never fail to get you ‘fired up’ – hence the well-chosen name. If you’re looking for inspiration from people other than the regular ones you usually find talking about entrepreneurialship, then this is the place to go…

7. The Chalene Show

The Chalene Show

The Chalene Show, with Chalene Johnson, takes a girly look at inspiration and self-improvement. And boy, does she do it with some pizzazz! It seems she’ll leave no stone unturned in her quest to bring you the best in motivational therapy. From leadership to social media; from faith to weight loss, if you want inspiration into how to become the very best you possible, then Chalene’s certainly your girl…!

8. Success Insider

Success Insider

Success Insider is a weekly podcast show, hosted by Shelby Skrkak and Josh Ellis. The aim is to provide people just like you (you know, who have the fire in their belly to actually get up off their butts and achieve their dreams) keep bang up to date with everything you need to know about subjects such as career development, entrepreneurialship, news, books….

You get the drift. If it can help add to your motivation and success, then you’ll hear it here first.

9. The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show

Best selling author of The 4-Hour Work Week, Tim Ferriss continues with his teachings in his regular podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show. This is pretty much the #1 podcast for downloads on iTunes – and for good reason. It’s awesome!

The whole ‘raison d’etre’ behind Ferriss’s podcast is to unlock all the hidden gems from some of the world’s most successful people. And he leaves no field untouched – from the world of film, to sport, to business, to prime-time entertainment, his podcast is full of some of the planet’s most eclectic personalities. And we can all learn something from each of them. In a nutshell, if you only listen to one podcast from this list, make it this one.

10. This Is Your Life – Michael Hyatt

This Is Your Life – Michael Hyatt

So, you know Michael Hyatt? You don’t? Wow – you have some seriously great discovering to do… The guy is one of the best out there when it comes to inspiring you to achieve all you goals – and more!

He’s been providing his This Is Your Life podcast for years now – there’s more than 8 series to listen to. And a new one is added every Monday morning. Hyatt’s one of the world leaders when it comes to getting you fired up and walking the walk. So what are you waiting for? Get downloading…!